Health Sciences

Summer Mentorship Program introduces high school students to dental medicine

Penn Dental Medicine hosted a group of high school students as part of Penn’s Provost Summer Mentorship Program, a four-week, college-career immersion program, aimed to inspire first-generation and under-represented minority students in Philadelphia to view higher education as an achievable goal.

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Treatment doctor tested on himself can put others into remission

Five years ago, David C. Fajgenbaum both a Penn Medicine researcher and patient, tried an experimental treatment for Castleman disease based on his laboratory research findings in the hopes of saving his own life. He has been in remission ever since.

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Dangers and protections of rising temps for people on common medicines

We know that as temperatures rise, so do many health risks: not just for heat stroke and dehydration but also for heart disease, respiratory diseases, and deaths overall. Three studies explore the impact that rising temperatures have on people who take common medications.

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In the News

Fast Company

How old are you really? Elysium Health will tell you—for $500

Joseph Baur of the Perelman School of Medicine said the startup Elysium Health’s claims that they can make cells behavior as though they were younger is “one of these things that is based mostly on benefits in mouse models. I think it’s a wide open question how beneficial this will ultimately turn out to be in humans.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Where did all the men go? In Philly, women outnumber them by 90,000 — the widest ‘gender gap’ among major U.S. cities.

Janet Chrzan and Adriana Perez of the School of Nursing hypothesized about the reasons women are outliving men in Philadelphia. “Women are tougher,” said Chrzan. “They have better immune systems, and they tend to survive better than men in every society.”


Veterans with PTSD struggle to parent, but help is available

Leah Blain of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the difficulties of parenting for veterans with PTSD. “That feeling being jumpy or on guard—you can imagine how that is going to translate with the kiddos. They have so much energy, which is wonderful, but it is a lot to process all the time if your symptoms are working all the time,” she said.


Science News

People who lack olfactory bulbs shouldn’t be able to smell. But some women can

PIK Professor Jay Gottfried commented on a study that suggests some women can smell even if missing parts of the brain associated with the olfactory system. “I am not convinced that the women are indeed missing their bulbs,” he said, noting that MRIs may not adequately detect all evidence of the structures.


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Virtual reality is having a senior moment

PIK Professor George Demiris said virtual reality has shown early promise for dementia patients, though it’s not a substitute for human contact. “We have to look at innovation and different tools to come up with new solutions to address issues of social isolation and loneliness and allow people to stay engaged and active,” he said.