Health Sciences

Educating a 21st-century veterinarian

A curriculum overhaul incorporates integrated learning blocks with lectures and hands-on activities focused on animal health to prepare future graduates for lifelong learning.

Sacha Adorno

‘Communities for Childbirth’ in action

President Engagement Prize winner and  fourth-year Seungwon ‘Lucy’ Lee is creating a coordinated referral system of first responders, emergency dispatchers, and systemized hospital networks to improve emergency maternal health care in Uganda.

Kristina García

Understanding the decline in racial disparities in COVID

The School of Arts & Sciences’ Irma Elo and Samuel Preston, with a collaborative team of researchers, assessed racial disparities in U.S. COVID-19 deaths, calling for continued efforts to better understand and implement targeted strategies for addressing health inequalities.

Nathi Magubane

In the News

The New York Times

What to know about Paxlovid rebound 

E. John Wherry of the Perelman School of Medicine says that it’s hard to get real-world data on COVID treatments because many people who have a rebound are unlikely to tell their doctors.



An overdose drug is finally over-the-counter. Is that enough to stop the death toll?

Shoshana Aronowitz of the School of Nursing says that over-the-counter Narcan is a baby step in the right direction, not a game changer.



Do bats get cancer? Plus, how your wrists could give clues to future health, and more health news

Carsten Skarke of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on a new study that indicates wrist temperature is associated with future risk of disease.



Your wrist could give clues to future health

A study by Carsten Skarke of the Perelman School of Medicine and colleagues finds that wrist temperature is associated with the risk of future disease.


Fox 29 (Philadelphia)

Sex for 62 to 72-year-olds could help prevent dementia, study shows

The research of Mike Cirigliano of the Perelman School of Medicine confirms sexual activity is a form of physical exercise.