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Mental wellness week: Collaborating to advance well-being

Penn Wellness, a student-run organization, is hosting a series of events dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health issues and how anyone can help. It begins with a Campus Conversation and includes free yoga sessions, intervention training, discussions on mental health, Take Back the Night, and more.

Jill DiSanto

Being hungry shuts off perception of chronic pain

Finding food is a necessary survival skill, but so is avoiding pain. Research led by J. Nicholas Betley and postdoctoral researcher Amber Alhadeff showed that being hungry activates a neural pathway that inhibits the sensing and responding to chronic pain. The findings offer up new targets for treating pain.

Katherine Unger Baillie

In the News


When to See the Doctor When You’re Traveling, and When to Suck It Up

Penn Global’s Erica Sebastian advised travelers to factor in a visit to the doctor when planning a trip, especially “if you have a chronic health condition.”



Why Do Only Some People Get Blackout Drunk?

Reagan Wetherill of the Perelman School of Medicine discussed “inherent brain vulnerabilities, and genetic vulnerabilities,” that put adolescents at risk of future alcohol abuse.


Reuters Health

Workplace Noise in Daytime Linked to Sleep Problems at Night

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Mathias Basner weighed in on the effects of noise environments on stress levels.


The Washington Post

Forget ‘Man vs. Machine.’ When Doctors Compete with Artificial Intelligence, Patients Lose

Carrie Kovarik, Caroline Nelson, and John Barbieri of the Perelman School of Medicine co-authored an argument for collaboration, not competition, between doctors and AI technology.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

New Blood Test for Pregnant Women Could Predict Preterm Birth

The Perelman School of Medicine’s Michal Elovitz discussed the results from her research exploring methods for predicting preterm births. The study’s results were published in Science.