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Challenges and advances in brain-computer interfaces

Following FDA approval for tech startups to begin human clinical trials for brain-computer interfacing technologies, Penn Today met with Anna Wexler of the Perelman School of Medicine to discuss the promising possibilities and potential pitfalls of neurotechnology.

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What’s causing severe respiratory illnesses in dogs?

Deborah Silverstein of the School of Veterinary Medicine says that more dogs may be getting severely ill because they have been infected with multiple pathogens at the same time.


What you need to know about the ‘mystery’ dog disease

Deborah Silverstein of the School of Veterinary Medicine explains how to protect dogs from the recent respiratory outbreak.


Pennsylvania dog owners take precautions as mysterious illness continues to spread

Deborah Silverstein of the School of Veterinary Medicine suggests that dog owners be on the lookout for symptoms similar to kennel cough, like bouts of coughing, sneezing, eye and nasal discharge, and lethargy.


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More than 260,000 Penn Medicine patients have agreed to share their DNA for research, and the discoveries are just getting started

More than 260,000 people have signed up to participate in Penn Medicine BioBank, co-directed by Marilyn Ritchie and Dan Rader, which cross-references DNA with electronic health records to discover genetic variants of medical conditions.


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A family affair: Three sisters stick together as they attend Penn Dental Medicine at the same time

Joanna Haddad, Mira-Belle Haddad, and Anna-Maria Haddad are making history as one of the few groups of three or more siblings to be simultaneously enrolled in the School of Dental Medicine.