Advocating reimbursement parity for nurse practitioners

The current Medicare reimbursement policy for nurse practitioners allows them to directly bill Medicare for services that they perform, but they are reimbursed at only 85% of the physician rate. A new Penn Nursing article argues that payment parity is essential.

In an article in The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Alycia Bischof, senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, argues that given the increased role of nurse practitioners (particularly during the pandemic) and their proven ability to provide care comparable to physicians, Congress should allow Medicare to increase the nurse practitioner (NP) reimbursement rate to 100% of the physician pay rate.

Four nurses in gowns and masks standing smiling in a row.

“The COVID- 19 pandemic serendipitously led to the removal of many restrictions on NP practice, a positive change that needs to become permanent. This is the time for NPs to seize the opportunity to work with MedPAC to achieve full reimbursement for care provided,” she says.

In the article, she summarizes the evolution of the practice of NPs and the rationale for reimbursement parity for nurse practitioners. She also outlines the potential benefits of providing NPs with 100% reimbursement, including incentivizing them to practice in primary care settings where there is a shortage.

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