Allison Hoffman on congressional response to coronavirus

The rapidly changing situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spurred Congress to move quickly in its response. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, HR 6201, was passed by both the House and Senate and now awaits President Donald J. Trump’s signature as of the afternoon of March 18, 2020. Congress will likely pass additional legislation, and the White House is also devising a coronavirus stimulus package plan. 

picture of Allison Hoffman
Allison Hoffman (Image: Penn Law)

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Professor Allison Hoffman, a health care law and policy expert, explains HR 6201 and what it means in practical terms: food security and testing. 

However, Hoffman notes, “The problem and remaining gap is what happens after someone is tested.” Additionally, an unanswered question the bill raises is what will do in regards to “paid sick leave for people who are sick themselves or who must leave work to care for others, either others who are sick or children who are now at home due to school closures.”

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