Connor Barwin on the NFL, Wharton, and making the world a better place

The former NFL outside linebacker for the Eagles, and founder of the Make the World Better Foundation, is enrolled in Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives.

You may know Connor Barwin from his ten years with the National Football League (NFL), when he played for teams including the Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and New York Giants.

Today, the former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker is making strides off the field as he earns his Wharton MBA Program for Executives.

Connor Barwin (second from right) stands on the field with other members of the Eagles football team.
Connor Barwin (second from right) and members of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Image: Wharton Stories)

“Being surrounded by my classmates and professors who have such impressive and diverse backgrounds has helped me approach problem-solving and critical thinking in a different way,” he says. “When you work in one industry for so long, it can be difficult to get out of that mindset. Management Communications, which I took in the first year, had a direct impact on my career with the Eagles. The course focused on gaining confidence with public speaking, the essentials of persuasion, and using data and storytelling to effectively communicate ideas.

“From this one class, I was able to implement a new program with our players that I know has been effective and that no other team in the league is doing. Thanks to lessons learned in that class, I was able to effectively communicate why this crazy idea would make us better. Ultimately, Wharton has taught me how to ask better questions, and given me the confidence to know I can find the answer.”

During his first year playing with the Eagles, Barwin founded the Make the World Better Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on revitalizing public spaces and playgrounds in Philadelphia.

This story is by Kendra King. Read more at Wharton Stories.