Graduating from the Wharton School and ready for the world

In her four years as a Wharton undergrad, Sahiba Baveja has two health care startups on her resumé, along with entrepreneurship courses, a stint in the Venture Lab.

Sahiba Baveja, has a lot to look forward to after graduating from Wharton this May. A high-achieving senior from West Palm Beach, Florida, who concentrated on Finance and Healthcare Management during her time with the School, Sahiba is heading west to San Francisco, where she will join Morgan Stanley as an investment banking analyst.

Sahiba Baveja
Wharton fourth-year Sahiba Baveja. (Image: Courtesy of Wharton Stories)

Baveja reflects on the benefits of the real-world element of her classes. “You’re able to see where the lessons from class manifest in real-world applications. In Intro to Management Science, I was able to utilize different case studies from Starbucks and ABC Networks to create a plan for vaccine distribution in December 2020. In Financing of Innovation, I was able to speak to the CEO of a startup that my group was doing a valuation on, further connecting the way that my in-class projects translates into real-world opportunities.”

Her experience at Penn opened up the world of startups, an area of business Baveja had not explored. “During COVID, I decided to intern with a medical devices startup, and really enjoyed being a part of a tight-knit community and get exposure to multiple aspects of a business. Since then, I’ve gotten involved in two other healthcare startups and have really come to appreciate the lessons you learn at such an early stage of a business. I’ve also ended up taking entrepreneurship courses and gotten involved with Venture Lab, which are two things I never saw myself doing.”

This story is by Meredith Stone. Read more at Wharton Stories.