Undergraduate Students

Coding the emotions that anti-tobacco ads evoke

Sophomore Oulaya Louaddi and junior Gabriela Montes de Oca interned this summer with Annenberg’s Andy Tan, helping the research team design and test culturally appropriate anti-smoking campaigns for young women who identify as sexual minorities.

Michele W. Berger

A joyous Move-In at Penn

Moving onto campus for the first time, students share what they are most looking forward to in the year ahead, while their family members beam with pride.

Lauren Hertzler

In the News


$200,000 paychecks, exit opportunities, and proximity to power: Why graduates flock to Wall Street

Barbara Hewitt of Career Services said finance has remained a top industry for graduating Penn students. “They know it’s going to be a lot of work for a couple of years,” she said. “They’re pretty open-eyed about that.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

A Philly exoneree works to free other wrongly convicted people. First up: His codefendant

Penn students and alumni, including the President’s Engagement Prize winning team behind Project Hope, have been working with the Terrance Lewis Liberation Foundation to support wrongly convicted people.


Al Día

The conference empowering the next generation of health care professionals

Rising senior Alejandra Bahena of Kissimmee, Florida, was interviewed about her path to Penn and about taking classes during the pandemic. Bahena is the creator of the National Pre-Health Conference, a virtual event for students in pre-health fields.


San Francisco Chronicle

Why this transit guru who's tried 50 systems think BART is the best for commuters

Miles Taylor, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, spoke about his passion for public transportation. "Anytime I go anywhere I have to ride transit," he said. "I consider it a failed trip if I haven't ridden any transit in the place I've gone."


The Wall Street Journal

What I wish I knew as a college freshman

Anjalee Bhuyan, a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, advised college students to pursue opportunities that bring meaning and joy into their lives, rather than simply striving to build a strong resume.



University of Penn nursing student co-creates product to help frontline workers care for patients in the dark

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, a senior in the School of Nursing, spoke about the wearable nightlight he helped develop. The invention allows nurses to check on patients at night without turning on bright white lights. "On average, patients regularly report poor quality of sleep as their number one complaint during hospitalization," he said.