How do you homeschool kids? The pandemic has lots of parents asking

Like millions of parents across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has left the Graduate School of Education’s Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher at home with her family, juggling parenting, teaching her kids, and co-leading the International Educational Development master’s program

A parent and young child sit upright next to each other on a bed with laptops in their laps

In the debut episode of her Parent Scoop podcast—which brings education research and knowledge to parents, from parents—Ghaffar-Kucher wanted to understand what kids need right now, and what parents can do. 

“There are countless memes of parents’ successes and joys of homeschooling, but more often frustrations,” Ghaffar-Kucher says. “But the question is, is what we’re doing really homeschooling?

“There is also a lot of possibility for joy, and despite all the craziness around us, we can focus on that as well,” Ghaffar-Kucher adds. “Because that will help us come out of this stronger.”

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