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The best books for young readers of 2020

The sixth annual list of books, chosen by Penn GSE’s Humanizing Stories team, highlights stories of love, joy, loss, strength, and resilience.

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A role model for the changing face of science

Jennifer Stimpson, a chemist, teacher, and recent alumna of the Graduate School of Education’s mid-career program, was named an IF/THEN ambassador. The initiative aims to empower women in STEM to inspire the next generation of learners.

Michele W. Berger

Talking to your kids about the election

Penn GSE’s Caroline Watts offers advice on how to realistically support children during uncertainty. “Don't try to pretend there isn’t uncertainty in the country,” she says. “Be reassuring. No matter what is happening in the outside world, you will take care of the family.”

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Chronicle of Higher Education

‘Is inclusion even possible?’

Dean John L. Jackson Jr. of the Annenberg School for Communication participated in a conversation about how colleges can be more inclusive and equitable. “Difficult as it is, as challenging as it always has been, this is something we have to imagine,” he said. “The alternative is far too dark.”


Education Week

What principals have learned from COVID-19’s ‘stress test’

The Consortium for Policy Research in Education, housed in the Graduate School of Education, has published five briefs about how U.S. school districts and principals have dealt with the pandemic. “The principals are doing all these amazing things, which are serving urgent needs of kids and families. That’s not taken into account in what we think of as a good school. There is an imbalance between our metrics for assessing quality and the actual role of schools in society,” said Jonathan Supovitz.


Morning Edition (NPR)

How the coronavirus has upended college admissions

Angela Duckworth of the School of Arts & Sciences spoke at the annual conference for the Common Application about factoring “personal qualities” into the admissions process. "Whatever you call them, the take-home message is these things matter, and in some cases matter as much as IQ," she said.


Times Higher Education

Questions over implementation as India approves system overhaul

Alan Ruby of the Graduate School of Education commented on India’s plans to overhaul its higher education system. “The big story is the commitment to growing the total size of the sector by adding 35 million places, effectively doubling the current infrastructure,” he said.



Wanted: A Civilian Coronavirus Corps

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education advocated for a program that would enlist college students and other young adults to support school-aged children with online learning and extracurricular activities in exchange for a small stipend during the pandemic.


The New York Times

Campus life in the fall? A test with no clear answer

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education said of colleges’ approaches to the fall 2020 semester, “I think we are going to see a lot of variation.”