A conversation with Mr. Fish

Penn Today kicks off its ‘Office Hours’ podcast series with a one-on-one chat with Annenberg School for Communication lecturer and outspoken political cartoonist, Dwayne Booth.

Mr. Fish teaches in a classroom with the Center for Media at Risk logo in the background
Dwayne Booth, a lecturer at the Annenberg School for Communication and a political cartoonist. (Photo courtesy: The Annenberg School for Communication)

Welcome to the “office hours” of Annenberg School for Communication lecturer Dwayne Booth, a political cartoonist who commonly goes by the name “Mr. Fish.”

Here, in the inaugural “Office Hours” podcast produced by Penn Today, which explores the minds of the University’s academic talents in a more unbuttoned and freewheeling setting outside of the lecture hall, Mr. Fish discusses the origin—and serendipity—of his name, the influence of the late Stan Lee on his life, his terrible movie taste while on an airplane, and his unusual favorite color.



Dwayne Booth slouching in chair
An illustration of Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish, who is a lecturer in the Annenberg School for Communication. (Illustration by: Mr. Fish)