Penn Dental and SP2 partner to address racism, reconciliation, and engagement

Recent incidents related to inequities in COVID-19 exposure and impact, police violence against Black and brown people, and national protests calling for a reckoning with a long history of racism and white supremacy have reinforced the commitment and vision to prepare students for the hard conversations and personal growth that are integral to a graduate education at Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2).

Screen capture of a panel of people with the banner across the screen reading “The Penn Experience: Racism, Reconciliation, & Engagement”

For these reasons, it became even more crucial that SP2 launch a new, online course for incoming SP2 students, The Penn Experience: Racism, Reconciliation and Engagement.

The entirely asynchronous noncredit course, which was created in collaboration with Penn’s School of Dental Medicine, had been in the works over the last year and was finally launched in July.

Its aim is to establish common language and concepts to facilitate subsequent difficult conversations about race, racism, and difference in the classroom and beyond.

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