A Sayre-Keystone collaboration brings dental care to kids

Penn Dental at Sayre Health Center teamed with Keystone First, Pennsylvania’s largest Medicaid managed health care plan, to help children and young adults living in the Center’s West Philadelphia neighborhood find dental care.

child at dentist office being mildly entertained yet skeptical of staff member with a yellow hand puppet
Through a series of four service day events, the School teamed with Keystone First to provide care to children at Penn Dental at Sayre in West Philadelphia. (Photo courtesy: Penn Dental Medicine)

Through a series of four service day events—the latest held earlier this month—a total of 48 patients received care, 90 percent of whom have made follow-up appointments and are on the road to making Penn Dental at Sayre their permanent dental home.

“We were very pleased with the outcome—turnout rates were significantly higher than we anticipated,” says Shabnam Sedaghat, a clinical associate in Penn Dental Medicine’s Division of Community Oral Health, and director at Penn Dental at Sayre. “We were able to provide much needed care on the service days and introduce those who came to the Center as a place for ongoing care.”

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