Sprint football team sells face masks to provide meals for frontline workers

As a community-service project, the team sold face masks and coverings to purchase 500 meals for essential workers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Members of the sprint football team stand outside of HUP with bags of food and bottles of water.

The sprint football team has been hard at work this fall despite the Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL) canceling the 2020 season due to safety concerns stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Quakers took on a community service project of selling face masks and coverings, with the money raised by the sales to be used for purchasing meals for the essential workers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

The team set a goal of 500 masks and started at the end of September with the hope of completing all sales by Oct. 22. The team met their deadline and made their first delivery of 170 meals to HUP on Nov. 3. The team has since made two more deliveries to HUP on Nov. 5 and Nov. 10.

“The team went all-in on this initiative,” says Jerry McConnell, the program’s first-year William R. Wagner Head Coach of Sprint Football. “I am so proud of their efforts in making this happen and doing something special for the essential workers at the hospital.”

The Red & Blue finished last season with a 5-2 record overall and 3-1 in South Division play. The Class of 2024 includes seven new players from six different states. Seniors Aaron Johnson, a linebacker, offensive lineman Jack Schaible, offensive line Dan Smith, and quarterback/wide receiver Joshua Trybus are the 2020 team captains.

The CSFL has said a spring football season is being discussed.