When Penn Vet offers shots, Philly’s finest, furriest friends show up

MLK Day Vaccination and One Health Clinic 2020 offered free pet vaccinations and low-cost microchips at Penn Vet.

Three members of Penn's medical community stand over a cat on an exam table, one person rubs noses with the cat.
Penn Vet student Shannon Hamilton (left), assistant professor Kimberly Slensky (center), and student Nicolle Iacobacci greet a feline friend at Penn Vet’s annual One Health pet vaccination clinic on MLK Day.  

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Penn Vet’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital held a free wellness and vaccination clinic for the local community. This year, student organizers included a human wellness component, where pet owners were able to address their own personal dental and health concerns with registered nurses from Penn Nursing and Penn Dental students.

Pet owners brought their furry friends to the Ryan Hospital for free vaccinations and low-cost microchips. The vaccination clinic has been an ongoing event since 2009, but this was the first year that Penn's dental students and nurses were on hand to engage one-on-one with pet owners. Students, faculty, and clinicians saw 175 pets, contributing to the prevention of infectious diseases, including rabies.

Four members of Penn's medical community look at and hold a dog on an exam table, one offers the dog a treat
Offering one Vet patient a treat at the vaccination clinic.
Happy looking dog looks at the camera while seated on its owner's lap in the waiting room at Ryan Hospital.
One happy looking dog in the waiting room at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital.
A cat on an exam table has its heartbeat checked by a member of Penn Vet.
A patient and curious cat gets its vitals checked at Penn Vet’s vaccination clinic.
Members of Penn Vet and Penn Dental Medicine saw 175 dogs and cats at Ryan Hospital for vaccinations, low-cost microchips, and expert advice on pet health and wellness. 


A dog sits on its owners lap in the waiting room at Ryan Hospital.
A very patient dog waits on its owner’s lap, possibly sensing treats in its future.


A cat lying on an exam table has its mouth examined by two members of Penn's medical community.
“Say AAAH.”
A very patient dog stands on an exam table while two members of Penn Vet hold its neck and listen to its heart.
“Deep breath.”
A pit bull looks at the camera while four members of the medical community stand around it with their gloved hands on it.
“Say cheese!”
Dogs and cats (and their owners) received expert care at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital at the 12th annual vaccination clinic.