Data Science

Out of the classroom and into the newsroom

Student fellows in the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies put their data-analysis skills and political know-how to use in creating user-friendly visualizations and enhancing traditional reporting practices.

Kristen de Groot

Crime and the scientific method

The multidisciplinary faculty in the Department of Criminology harness diverse methodologies to improve public safety and inform policy and planning.

Blake Cole , Michele W. Berger

Parental nicotine use and addiction risk for children

In research done using rats, Penn Nursing’s Heath Schmidt and colleagues found that males that engaged in voluntary nicotine use had offspring more likely to do so, too. Some offspring also developed impaired memory and anxiety-like behavior.

Michele W. Berger

In the News


Most likely President Joe Biden will live through a second term, life expectancy data show

A life-expectancy calculator developed by Dean Foster of the Wharton School and colleagues projects that President Biden’s life expectancy is 98 years, with a 75% chance he’ll live until age 91.



The art of growing bald gracefully

A 2012 Wharton School study found that images of men with their hair digitally removed were perceived to be “more dominant, taller, and stronger” when compared to their original photographs.


Penn’s SAFELab sits at the intersection of technology and social work

PIK Professor Desmond Upton Patton, founder and director of the SAFELab, discusses the initiative’s research on grief, gun violence, and social media as well as its new space at the Pennovation Center.


Chronicle of Higher Education

Essay on misuse of statistics in social sciences was naive and ill-informed

In a letter to the editor, Richard Berk of the School of Arts & Sciences criticizes a recent essay critiquing the use of statistical procedures in social sciences.



How MBA programs are embracing data in their curricula

Eric Bradlow of the Wharton School discusses the creation and importance of data science curricula like Wharton’s new business analytics MBA major.


The Wall Street Journal

Basketball’s greatest scorer doesn’t have a go-to move

Eric Bradlow of the Wharton School says that Lebron James improved his efficiency through shot selection, getting better at finishing at the rim.