Hey Day

Commemorating a milestone moment

Although unable to meet at College Green this semester, President Amy Gutmann celebrated Hey Day—the official “moving up” day for Penn juniors to seniors—in a video with Class Board 2021 members.

Lauren Hertzler

Hey Day 2018

When they graduate next year, students in the Class of 2019 will remember April 26 as the heyday of their college lives. Hey Day is the annual rite of passage for juniors, when they move up the class ranks to become seniors.

Jacquie Posey

Hey Day 2017

At the annual tradition that marks the official passage of the junior class to senior status, participants joyfully marched down Locust Walk to College Green, holding bamboo canes and donning Styrofoam hats.

Christina Cook

Hey Day 2016

“By the power vested in me by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, I now proclaim you seniors!”

Jacquie Posey