The path from innovation to implementation

Penn’s infrastructure in both supporting clinical research and forging commercial partnerships smooths the way from idea to approval.

Karen L. Brooks for Penn Medicine Magazine

Moore than meets the eye

Following the death of Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and a pioneer in computer processor chips, Penn Today spoke with the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Benjamin C. Lee about Moore’s contributions to technology and the history and rapid evolution of chips.

Nathi Magubane

People and Places at Penn: Makerspaces

Hands-on learning fosters creativity, creates opportunities for collaboration, and feels good. Education Commons, the Precision Machining Laboratory, and Tangen Hall all offer space for students to get their hands dirty.

Kristina García

A revolutionary TEDxPenn

From designing robots to directing award-winning films, 10 speakers across a broad array of disciplines shared insight into their life’s work at Saturday’s four-hour TEDxPenn conference on campus.

Lauren Hertzler

Cooking up something special

The Food Innovation Lab at Tangen Hall provides a space for student entrepreneurs with an appetite for experimentation and creativity.

Carter Johns

In the News


Target is being held hostage by an anti-LGBTQ campaign

Yoram Wind of the Wharton School says that Target’s Pride-themed merchandise campaign was trying to reach a growing LGBTQ market of customers and employees.



AI optimism: How embracing artificial intelligence is getting workers ahead

Daniel Rock of the Wharton School says that reducing people’s workloads is a key advantage of AI entering the workplace.


Fox News

What does Congress need to do amid AI boom?

At a congressional hearing, Chris Callison-Burch of the School of Engineering and Applied Science testified on the capabilities and transformative impact of generative AI technology.


The New York Times

The optimist’s guide to artificial intelligence and work

A study from researchers at Penn and OpenAI concluded that at least 10 percent of tasks could be automated using AI tools for about 80 percent of jobs.


Business Insider

A Wharton professor says AI is like an ‘intern’ who ‘lies a little bit’ to make their bosses happy

Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School says that AI is useful across a wide variety of tasks but not on its own, requiring a person to help.



NewsChannel 12 investigates: Artificial intelligence part three

Chris Callison-Burch of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and his students are proving that AI is still catching up to how human brains work.