Learning about resilience to stress

PURM students spent the summer researching the neurobiology of stress resilience in the lab of Seema Bhatnagar, anesthesiology and critical care professor in the Perelman School of Medicine.

Erica Moser

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Associated Press

A new strategy to attack aggressive brain cancer shrank tumors in two early tests

A clinical trial led by Stephen Bagley of the Perelman School of Medicine suggests that targeting two associated proteins with CAR T cell therapy could be a viable strategy for shrinking brain tumors.


Daily Mail (U.K.)

ADHD may have evolved more than 12,000 years ago as an advantage for foragers, study claims

A study led by David Barack of the Perelman School of Medicine suggests that ADHD may have played a major role in foraging and survival for ancient hunter-gatherers.


The Wall Street Journal

How to stay mentally sharp into your 80s and beyond

According to David Wolk of the Perelman School of Medicine, a healthier body can help the brain respond better to the aging process.



Blood tests can help diagnose Alzheimer’s—if they’re accurate enough. Not all are

Virginia Man-Yee Lee of the Perelman School of Medicine says it’s likely in the future that anyone older than 60 will get an Alzheimer’s test.


The Economist

Some scientists think newborn neurons could reverse Alzheimer’s

Research co-authored by Hongjun Song of the Perelman School of Medicine strengthens the case for human neurogenesis, the development of new neurons from neural progenitor cells.


Live Science

The brain may interpret smells from each nostril differently

A study by postdoc Gulce Nazli Dikecligil in the Perelman School of Medicine suggests that the smells flowing through each nostril are processed as two separate signals in the part of the brain that receives smell inputs.