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WHYY Radio (Philadelphia)

Philadelphia bidding for new federal research agency headquarters

Dawn Bonnell of the Provost’s Office says that Philadelphia business leaders are applying for a new program from the National Science Foundation to establish regional research hubs.



Getting personal with college admission: Requesting the right recommendations

Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule said letters of recommendation used in college applications should highlight specific examples of a student’s characteristics. “If a recommender can focus on how the applicant does something rather than telling us what the applicant does, it helps a lot,” she said.


Dallas Morning News

COVID changed college application, but not what colleges are looking for in students

Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule wrote an opinion piece about changes to the college application process amid the pandemic.


Voice of America

Retired Black players say NFL brain-injury payouts show bias

David A. Hoffman of the Law School and Provost Wendell E. Pritchett served as special masters for the judge overseeing the NFL’s settlement of brain injury claims. Their work involved assessing the legitimacy of using race norms in cognitive scoring.


University World News

To future academics: We need you to revive democracy

Vice Provost for Faculty Laura Perna, of the Graduate School of Education, co-authored an open later to future academics, arguing that higher education is a crucial tool for democracy. “Academic life, as we have lived it, and as we envision it for you, is about challenging norms and creating a society that foments democracy,” they wrote.


Fox 29 (Philadelphia)

Rising high school seniors invited to apply UPenn's summer prep program

Vice Provost for Student Engagement Valarie Swain-Cade McCollum was interviewed about Penn’s summer program for rising high school seniors.