Theatre Arts

Improv with an impact

With their President’s Engagement Prize, Wharton School seniors Philip Chen and Meera Menon plan to create The Unscripted Project, a nonprofit that will run 10-week improv courses in Philadelphia public schools, partnering with the Philly Improv Theater.

Louisa Shepard

Seeing life through their eyes

Through the voices and stories of seven men, a feature-length documentary co-produced and directed by Annenberg Dean John L. Jackson Jr. and graduate student Nora Gross illustrates what it means to be black and gay in the south.

Michele W. Berger

Bloomers mark 40 years of edgy comedy

Bloomers, Penn’s all-female comedy troupe, celebrated its 40th anniversary last weekend with an alumnae show that recreated routines from the 1980s and 1990s.

Jill DiSanto

Exploring Shakespearian times in London

During an intensive interdisciplinary five-week course this summer, undergraduate students traveled to the heart of Elizabethan theater to gain an in-depth appreciation for the works of William Shakespeare where it all began.

Jill DiSanto

Theatre students perform on international stage

Portraying dual roles of conjoined twins from the 19th century and a pair of modern-day researchers, junior Duval Courteau and senior Aria Proctor took the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland with the one-act play, “Curio.”

Louisa Shepard

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When Philadelphians just can’t get enough Fringe Fest here, they go to Scotland’s monster version

Rosemary Malague of the School of Arts and Sciences has taken groups of students to the Edinburgh Fringe festival for over 25 years. “It’s a tremendous learning opportunity for all of us – and we get to see some great shows,” said Malague.