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The legacy of Shinzo Abe

Frederick R. Dickinson, ​​professor of Japanese history and director of the Center for East Asian Studies, offers his take on Abe’s impact on Japan, foreign policy, and lessons we can draw from his killing.

Kristen de Groot

Boris Johnson’s downfall, explained

Political scientist Brendan O’Leary, an expert on U.K. politics in the School of Arts & Sciences, offers his insight on what led to this moment, what might be next, and what it all means for the future of the U.K.

Kristen de Groot

In the News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee’s Housing First programs shows how lifting people out of homelessness can improve health, and cut costs

Dennis Culhane of the School of Social Policy & Practice estimates that the homeless population older than 65 will triple by 2030 and says that rental assistance works better than building shelters.



This is what life’s like in the world’s strictest COVID Zero city

Amy Gadsden of Penn Global says that China’s COVID Zero policies are a stark reminder of the party state’s ability to intervene in citizens’ lives in absolute and even cruel ways.



At Penn museum’s art of smells exhibit, beauty is in the nose of the beholder

Norwegian-born smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolaas will have her first major U.S. exhibition, where interactable installations elicit sensations through smell, on display in the Institute of Contemporary Art through Dec. 30.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Dollars and scents: Follow your nose through this exhibition at ICA

Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas discusses her first major U.S. exhibition, which uses smell as an artistic medium and is hosted at the Institute of Contemporary Art.


The Independent

‘We are witnessing the devastating consequences’: Climate leaders sounds alarm as Hurricane Fiona pummels Puerto Rico

Michael E. Mann of the School of Arts & Sciences says that disasters like Hurricane Fiona are indicative of climate change’s present-day consequences, driving home the importance of taking action now.