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Perspective: Gas attack in Douma

Ian Lustick, a professor in Penn’s Political Science Department and a leading authority on international terrorism, says this weekend’s atrocities in Douma can be attributed to a Syrian attack. We asked him to elaborate on a few details.

Jill DiSanto , Jill DiSanto

Film stars

The Penn Student Film Festival celebrated collaboration and creativity with a red-carpet gala and big-screen showing of eight finalists, chosen from 24 entries, at the New College House.

Louisa Shepard

In the News

The New York Times

Should Statutes of Limitations for Rape Be Abolished?

Marci Hamilton of the School of Arts and Sciences provided statistics on amendments to prosecution deadlines for victims of child sexual abuse and assault.


Philadelphia Inquirer

After Trump G-7 Blast, Tension Hangs Over July NATO Meeting, Efforts to Deter Russia

Perry World House Fellow Derek Chollet and the School of Arts and Sciences’ Mitchell Orenstein offered commentary on the Trump administration’s relationships with U.S. allies.


PBS NewsHour

Brief but Spectacular: Imani Davis

English and Africana Studies major Imani Davis of New York City performed a #MeToo movement-inspired poem on the “Brief but Spectacular” segment of the “PBS NewsHour.”


Inside Higher Ed

Gender Gap Without Gender Bias?

Dawn Teele of the School of Arts and Sciences collaborated on research measuring gender bias in academic publishing. The study found that journals focused on qualitative research had higher percentages of female authors.


Chronicle of Higher Education

From Doctoral Study to … Digital Humanities

The School of Arts and Sciences’ Stewart Varner explained that “digital humanities” isn’t technically a field on its own. “But,” said Varner, “it is often treated as such by people who consider themselves digital humanists as well as those who adamantly do not.”