Health Sciences

A hopeful time for Cryptosporidium research

Boris Striepen of Penn Vet organized the First Biennial Cryptosporidium Meeting, bringing together researchers and clinicians from around the world to discuss the problems and progress around the parasite and the diarrheal disease it causes.

Erica Moser

A humanities pathway to pre-med

Pre-med students majoring in English, theatre, history, and other humanities fields find satisfaction in tapping into multiple interests—and see benefits for a career in medicine.

Erica Moser

In the News


As a primary care physician, here’s how I hope to partner with AI

In an opinion essay, Jeffrey Millstein of the Perelman School of Medicine says that patients and clinicians should be active participants when incorporating AI into primary care.


USA Today

Lactose intolerant? Here’s how you should, and shouldn’t, be eating

Christopher Schmoyer of the Perelman School of Medicine says that people develop lactose intolerance when their bodies don’t make enough of the enzyme lactase for the amount of dairy they consume.


South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Congress should take action to make telemedicine permanent

According to a study from the Perelman School of Medicine, telehealth services can significantly reduce the cost of care.


Philadelphia Inquirer

The University of Pennsylvania Health System has appointed a new chief financial officer

Julia Puchtler, current CFO of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, will succeed Keith Kasper as CFO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, featuring remarks from CEO Kevin B. Mahoney.


What’s going on with tranq?

Jeanmarie Perron of the Perelman School of Medicine says that the appearance and progression of skin ulcers and tissue loss on xylazine users is different than with other intravenous drugs.