Health Sciences

Trust and equity in emergency departments

Penn Medicine is working to improve the emergency department experience for all patients, including those with distrust of the medical system at large.

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Experimental mRNA avian flu vaccine

Promising preclinical results from a new Penn Medicine study suggest an mRNA vaccine platform could limit the impact of avian flu pandemics.

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A Penn team’s push to make research more inclusive

Penn’s Palliative and Advanced Illness Research (PAIR) Center is working to bring more underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds into their research, and to train AI models to be free from bias.

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In the News

The Washington Post

As Biden ends campaign, focus shifts to health for remainder of his term

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel says that the presidency is an administration with a team led by the president, not a one-man show.


The Hill

Preventive care is under threat: PrEP now or pay later

Jalpa Doshi of the Leonard Davis Institute and Perelman School of Medicine writes that the Braidwood Management v. Becerra case could invalidate a startling range of free preventive services and lead to a big jump in patients’ payments.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Redefining how we age

Lisa Walke of the Perelman School of Medicine discusses how to rebalance work, education, and family life with today’s longer life expectancies.


Women’s Health

What is body neutrality and how is it different than body positivity? Psychology experts explain

Kelly C. Allison of the Perelman School of Medicine says that body neutrality is a middle ground between picking one’s appearance apart and having to proclaim love for every single piece of the body.


Daily Beast

Serena Williams’ husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian reveals shock diagnosis

According to Penn Medicine, Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that can be carried by blacklegged ticks.