A ‘holiday office party’ podcast

In the latest episode of Penn Today's “Office Hours” podcast series, and the final installment of 2019, three returning guests join for a chat about the holiday season, the decade that’s been, and the year ahead.

From left to right: Julia Ticona, Mr. Fish, and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas.
From left to right: Julia Ticona, Mr. Fish, and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas.

Welcome to the “holiday office party” of Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, associate professor of literacy, culture, and international education in the Graduate School of Education; Julia Ticona, assistant professor of communication at the Annenberg School for Communication; and Dwayne Booth, aka “Mr. Fish,” a lecturer in Annenberg.  

Here, in the spirit of the season, the trio of “Office Hours” podcast returnees unite to discuss holiday traditions, reflect on the 2010s, and imagine what awaits in the new decade. “Office Hours” is a production of Penn Today and can be discovered on Apple Music.

5:05: Ticona’s favorite part of the holiday season

8:25: Thomas quips about HGTV trends

12:45: Mr. Fish on experiencing winter after California

16:00: Thomas explains the reaction to her new book, “The Dark Fantastic”

20:45: Ticona’s biggest Penn accomplishment this year

28:20: Thomas on quitting Twitter

35:15: Mr. Fish on political activism

49:00: All the guests consider what they've previously described as “overrated virtues”

57:00: Ticona looks back at her past decade and emphasizes gratitude

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