Eric Sucar

Eric Sucar


‘Paths to Freedom’: A new exhibit by John E. Dowell

In a new Arthur Ross Gallery exhibition, Philadelphia artist John E. Dowell imagines attempted escapes by enslaved ancestors through his photographs of North Carolina cotton fields at night. “Paths to Freedom” includes 26 artworks, an installation of fabric panels, and a soundscape.

Louisa Shepard

What beliefs shape our minds?

Jer Clifton of the Positive Psychology Center developed a framework to study primal world beliefs, our most fundamental sentiments about the world as a whole. Now, he’s ready for everyone to discover what their primal world beliefs are.

Marilyn Perkins

Unpacking Latino conservatism

The Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies hosted Geraldo Cadava, author of “The Hispanic Republican,” and Penn political scientist Michael Jones-Correa to help situate recent Latino trends within the longer historical perspective.

Kristen de Groot

15 years of GradFest

The special programming for graduate and professional students—which this year includes apple picking, axe throwing, and much, much more—kicked off on Tuesday and ends on Sept. 24.

Lauren Hertzler