Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wrestling with academics

As a student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, second-year wrestler Adam Thomson, an international champion, balances athletics with his research on hyperinflation in Brazil.

Kristen de Groot

New chip opens door to AI computing at light speed

A new silicon-photonic (SiPh) chip design from the lab of Nader Engheta, alongside Firooz Aflatouni, uses light waves, the fastest possible means of communication, rather than electricity, to perform mathematical computations.

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AI security

As AI gets more adept at synthesizing information and producing humanlike responses, many are concerned that malicious actors may use this technology in dangerous ways. Ph.D. candidate Alex Robey safeguards AI systems against malicious tampering.

Nathi Magubane

Making better decisions with AI

Kaustubh Sridhar, a doctoral student in Electrical and Systems Engineering, aims to improve autonomous agents in the real world with more accurate decision-making programming.

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The Detkin Lab’s collaborative playground

At Penn Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, the Peter Detkin Lab blends laboratory, classroom, and makerspace.

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Challenges and advances in brain-computer interfaces

Following FDA approval for tech startups to begin human clinical trials for brain-computer interfacing technologies, Penn Today met with Anna Wexler of the Perelman School of Medicine to discuss the promising possibilities and potential pitfalls of neurotechnology.

Nathi Magubane

In the News


How the solar eclipse will affect solar panels and the grid

Benjamin Lee of the School of Engineering and Applied Science says that the electrical grid will have to figure out how to match supply and demand during brief windows where the energy source goes away.



Students can soon major in AI at this Ivy League university—it’ll prepare them for ‘jobs that don’t yet exist’

The Raj and Neera Singh Program in Artificial Intelligence at Penn will be the first AI undergraduate engineering major at an Ivy League school, led by George Pappas of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Penn to become first Ivy League to offer AI degree, looks to ‘train the leaders’ in emerging field

Penn is the first Ivy League university to offer a degree in artificial intelligence, with remarks from Robert Ghrist of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.



These origami-inspired microbots could fix damaged nerves

Researchers at the School of Engineering and Applied Science led by Marc Miskin have built folding microrobots that could potentially go into human bodies to reconnect damaged nerve endings.


The New York Times

A.I. could soon need as much electricity as an entire country

Benjamin Lee of the School of Engineering and Applied Science says there are many dramatic statements about the rapid growth of A.I., but it’s actually dependent on how quickly Nvidia chips can be distributed.


Yahoo! Finance

Energy consumption ‘to dramatically increase’ because of AI

Research co-authored by Benjamin C. Lee of the School of Engineering and Applied Science showed that data center energy usage grew 25% a year on average between 2015 and 2021.