Higher Education

Understanding the pandemic classroom

Penn professors join the “Understand This ...” podcast to talk about the fall 2021 return to the classroom, reflecting on what students and educators have experienced during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, while examining lessons from remote learning.

Brandon Baker

Karen Detlefsen named Penn vice provost for education

The professor of philosophy in the School of Arts & Sciences, with a secondary appointment in the Graduate School of Education, has been named vice provost for education at the University of Pennsylvania, effective July 1.

Leo Charney

How to engage academic wellness services

The Weingarten Center provides disabilities services, tutoring, and learning resources for students across all 12 schools. The Center employs an integrative approach connecting students with the resources they need to perform at the highest level.

Kristina García

COVID communications and first generation students

Marcus Wright, undergraduate program manager and academic coordinator in the Department of Sociology and doctoral student at the Graduate School of Education, analyzes academic messaging to expose blind spots.


In the News

NBC News

Covid long-haulers face new challenges as they head to college. Universities are listening

Jasmine Harris of the Law School said college students with lingering effects from COVID-19 may need disability accommodations. “If we do not address reasonable modifications and disability in higher ed, we risk students dropping out of programs, voluntarily or involuntarily, which means we lose the talent and skills of a growing population of young long-haulers,” she said.



Our diplomacy must embody America's power

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education spoke about efforts to make community college tuition-free. "There's power in the message that tuition is free. Figuring out how much college costs is complicated," she said.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Should Penn allow professors to teach all-remote this semester?

Suvir Kaul of the School of Arts & Sciences and Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education debate returning to the classroom or remaining online for the fall semester.


Boston Globe

How parents can help prevent campus sexual assault

Susan B. Sorenson of the School of Social Policy & Practice said parents can help prevent campus sexual assaults by asking college administrators about the topic. “It gives the message that parents care about this stuff as much as they do about academic advising and the dorm rooms and the policing or security system,” she said.


The Hechinger Report

For adults returning to college, ‘free’ tuition isn’t enough

Laura Perna of the Graduate School of Education spoke about accommodating the needs of adult students. “There is a complexity to adult learners,” she said. “It is really recognizing, ‘What are the circumstances of individual people’s lives?’ If someone is to enroll in college, how do you make it possible for them to attend?”



Wharton’s incoming MBA class is more than 50% women for the first time in school history

More than half of the Wharton School’s incoming MBA class are women, a record high for both the school and the country’s other top business programs. “As a female leader, I understand firsthand the significant impact that experiencing meaningful gender representation can have on women as they chart their careers,” said Dean Erika James.