Higher Education

Get out the student vote

Penn Leads the Vote, the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, and the Office of Government and Community Affairs work in tandem to make Penn a civic-minded population of voters in all elections.

Tina Rodia

From soldiers to students

Penn hosted a week of academic bootcamps organized by the Warrior-Scholar Project, a nonprofit that supports enlisted veterans in their transition to college.

Gina Vitale

In the News

Inside Higher Ed

Report: Focus funding on colleges best able to help unemployed

Joni Finney of the Graduate School of Education and colleagues wrote a report calling on U.S. governors to develop a long-term higher education strategy that stimulates the economy and restructures how colleges are funded.


PBS NewsHour

How COVID-19 has made some colleges question the academic calendar

Peter Eckel of the Graduate School of Education said the pandemic has given colleges a chance to reevaluate their summer offerings and other scheduling matters. “The pandemic has raised a lot of questions about long-held traditions about how to deliver higher education,” he said. “The academic calendar is one of them.”


Inside Higher Ed

Education is a team sport

Peter Decherney of the School of Arts & Sciences and a Rice University colleague wrote about the role of university staff in supporting online education.