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‘Black Families Matter’

In a lecture organized by the Penn Program on Regulation, PIK Professor Dorothy E. Roberts argued that the U.S. child welfare system is designed to police Black families, not to protect children, and must be abolished and replaced with a new vision of family support and child safety.

Kristen de Groot

Politics, activism, and academics

The career of Tulia Falleti, Class of 1965 Endowed Term Professor of Political Science in the School of Arts & Sciences, grew from her activism as a student in a newly democratic Argentina.

Lauren Rebecca Thacker

In rural America, religious attendance reduces compassion regarding opioids

Rural areas—particularly those in Appalachian and Midwestern states—are hard hit by the opioid epidemic. However, many individuals in those same states do not support policies scientifically proven to help, like medically aided treatment and syringe exchanges.

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When trust in science fosters pseudoscience

A study co-authored by PIK Professor Dolores Albarracín finds that people who trust science are more likely to believe and disseminate false claims containing scientific references than people who do not trust science.

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The Washington Post

Dozens of health groups urge businesses to voluntarily adopt Biden’s vaccine rule

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel coordinated a joint statement by dozens of health care associations calling on U.S. employers to voluntarily implement President Biden’s proposed vaccine-or-testing mandate. “We’re not getting [enough] volunteers coming forward” to get vaccinated, said Emanuel.


USA Today

Pediatricians warn of virus’ impact on kids, urge parents to vaccinate them; weekly new infections again surpass 600,000: COVID-19 updates

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel said that instead of wasting time trying to overturn COVID-19 vaccine mandates, business leaders should focus on protecting their employees from the virus. “That’s the only way we’ll be able to return to normal and stabilize our economy,” he said. Emanuel organized a statement on the matter signed by more than 60 health care organizations.


The Hill

Amid challenges to Biden's vaccine mandate, study shows they work

PIK Professor Dolores Albarracín, Jess Fishman, and Andy Tan, all of the Leonard Davis Institute, wrote an op-ed about the efficacy of vaccine mandates. “Regulations can promote behaviors that benefit society and, in so doing, also may instill social norms to do the right thing,” they wrote.



More Alzheimer’s drugs head for FDA review: What scientists are watching

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel called for faster access to data from the trials of drugs designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease.


Popular Science

The protein that keeps worker ants in line can also make them queen

Research by PIK Professor Shelly Berger and Roberto Bonasio of the Perelman School of Medicine found a protein in the brains of ants is responsible for regulating social behavior. “Kr-h1 is required to maintain the boundaries between social castes and to ensure that workers continue to work while gamergates continue to act like queens,” said Berger.



Shining a light on multiracial America and the pursuit of true healthcare equity

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts’ 2015 TEDMED Talk on medical racism was cited. Roberts said 19th-century doctor Samuel Cartwright’s unsubstantiated theory that Black people had lower lung capacity than whites is still circulating, with some doctors still using Cartwright’s race-adjusted spirometer to measure breathing.