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The YouTube algorithm isn’t radicalizing people

A new study from Annenberg School for Communication’s Computational Social Science Lab finds that the YouTube recommendation system is less influential on users’ political views than is commonly believed.

From Annenberg School for Communication

Breaching the blood-brain barrier

A team of researchers in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has devised a method to deliver mRNA into the brain using lipid nanoparticles, potentially advancing treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and seizures.

Nathi Magubane

In the News

The Wall Street Journal

FuboTV sues to block ESPN, Warner and Fox sports-streaming service

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that joint ventures between media competitors can injure rivals that don’t have access to the same programming.


Columbia Journalism Review

Warped front pages

In a co-written Op-Ed, PIK Professor Duncan Watts argues that journalistic claims to objectivity in political news are a convenient and self-serving fiction.


The New York Times

How Microsoft’s legal legacy shapes the antitrust case against Google

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp says that Google’s conduct in its antitrust case is subtler than Microsoft’s, which was harsh and had little pro-competitive justification for its actions.


Ms. Magazine

Torn Apart: Terror

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts describes the horrors that the child welfare system inflicts by invading homes, targeting low-income families, and threatening to separate parents and children.



Tech bros are spending millions to shoot for immortality. These women are besting them in the longevity game—but don’t call them ‘biohackers’

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel hypothesizes that male biohackers in their 40s and 50s are motivated by fear and ego.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Five Penn faculty were elected to the National Academy of Medicine

PIK Professor Desmond Upton Patton and the Perelman School of Medicine’s Kurt T. Barnhart, Christopher B. Forrest, Susan L. Furth and Robert H. Vonderheide have been elected to the National Academy of Medicine.