Penn Integrates Knowledge Professors

A new role for NATO in conflict zones

One year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, PIK Professor Lynn Meskell calls on the alliance to take a more expansive view of cultural property protection.

From the Weitzman School of Design

Defining neural ‘representation’

Neuroscientists frequently say that neural activity ‘represents’ certain phenomena, PIK Professor Konrad Kording and postdoc Ben Baker led a study that took a philosophical approach to tease out what the term means.

Marilyn Perkins

In the News

The Hill

Republicans’ ‘Charlie Brown’ budget problem

PIK Professor Ezekiel Emanuel says that the Affordable Health Care Act is too woven into the system for Republicans to dismantle.


The Guardian

Police stopped a Black couple in Tennessee—and took their children

In her book “Torn Apart,” PIK Professor Dorothy E. Roberts describes how the U.S. child welfare system historically punishes Black families for living through poverty.


CBS MoneyWatch

One study said happiness peaked at $75,000 in income. Now, economists say it’s higher—by a lot

A study co-authored by Matthew Killingsworth of the Wharton School, PIK Professor Barbara Mellers, and a team from Princeton found that happiness improves with higher earnings, up to $500,000 a year, except for those who were “rich and miserable” for other reasons.



Dorothy Roberts says it’s time to abolish the child welfare system

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts appears on “Your Call” to discuss her new book, “Torn Apart,” which argues that the child welfare system should be abolished and replaced with a radically different way of supporting families.


The Washington Post

Biden finds breaking up Big Tech is hard to do

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp comments on how changes in the marketplace could dampen enthusiasm for breaking up tech giants.


Philadelphia Inquirer

A national TikTok trend is sparking thefts of Kias and Hyundais in Philadelphia—and residents are feeling the impact

PIK Professor Desmond Upton Patton calls the Kia Boyz Challenge on TikTok a “perfect storm” for young people in cities where vehicle theft is common, since they know it could be a shortcut to notoriety.