Exploring anxiety and social change

Sociology professor Jason Schnittker teaches the course Anxious Times: Social Change and Fear, based on a book he wrote. Through a data-sensitive approach, students study anxiety and mental health.

Erica Moser

Violence and stigmatized heroes

The new SNF Paideia course taught by Tyson Smith looks at incarcerated veterans and their experiences to understand the intersection of the military, criminal justice, and health.

Kristen de Groot

Marking a monumental death

In honor of the first anniversary of the killing of Mahsa (Jîna) Amini in Iran and the subsequent outpouring of protest, Penn will host a two-day conference on violence against women.

Kristen de Groot

In the News

Columbia Journalism Review

Warped front pages

In a co-written Op-Ed, PIK Professor Duncan Watts argues that journalistic claims to objectivity in political news are a convenient and self-serving fiction.


Ms. Magazine

Torn Apart: Terror

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts describes the horrors that the child welfare system inflicts by invading homes, targeting low-income families, and threatening to separate parents and children.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Raquel Saraswati denies allegations that she lied about her race

Wendy Roth of the School of Arts & Sciences says that there’s tremendous variation of skin tone and overlap within most racial groups.


Gavin Newsom sides with the robots in autonomous vehicle debate

Research by Steve Viscelli of the School of Arts & Sciences in 2018 suggested that ubiquitous autonomous trucks could squeeze unionized workforces like the United Parcel Service.


Chicago Sun-Times

Race-based medicine is not the solution to health disparities

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts says that race is a social category affected by inequality, not a biological category that naturally produces health disparities.


The Washington Post

Why experts aren’t all that concerned about Biden’s and Trump’s ages

An analysis of Social Security Administration data conducted by Samuel Preston of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited.