The future of health research in Malawi

A workshop convened by Penn, University College Dublin, and the Young Researchers Forum in Malawi brought together stakeholders to discuss the African nation’s use of technology in health care and the double burden of non-communicable and infectious diseases.

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Hindustan Times (Delhi)

University of Pennsylvania celebrates 25 years of its India institute

Emily Hannum of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India has served as a tremendous resource for scholars looking to globally connect and engage with India.


The Guardian

Police stopped a Black couple in Tennessee—and took their children

In her book “Torn Apart,” PIK Professor Dorothy E. Roberts describes how the U.S. child welfare system historically punishes Black families for living through poverty.


Is thrifting for fun harmful? She did the research; plus tips for thoughtful secondhand shopping

In a Q&A, College of Arts and Sciences fourth-year Anya Miller from Lancaster, Pennsylvania outlines her thesis examining secondhand shopping experiences through a socioeconomic lens.


The New Yorker

Biomilq and the new science of artificial breast milk

Jessica Martucci of the School of Arts & Sciences says that historical imperatives endorsed by health authorities rarely translated into meaningful support for women interested in breast-feeding.



Dorothy Roberts says it’s time to abolish the child welfare system

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts appears on “Your Call” to discuss her new book, “Torn Apart,” which argues that the child welfare system should be abolished and replaced with a radically different way of supporting families.


The Conversation

Three things the pandemic taught us about inequality in college—and why they matter today

Doctoral candidate Elena G. van Stee in the School of Arts & Sciences outlines three lessons on disparity from the pandemic that can help colleges better address student inequality.