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Putting data to work to solve pressing health issues

The first-ever Research Day at the Smilow Center for Translational Research showed how the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics links clinical epidemiology and biostatistics within the Perelman School of Medicine, Penn Health System, and Penn community.

Ali Sundermier

A life of books

Books define the life of Peter Stallybrass, an English professor who has retired after 30 years at Penn, known for his History of Material Texts workshop. He explains the five seminal books of his storied academic career.

Louisa Shepard

Q&A with Barbie Zelizer

Members of the media are unable to do their jobs due to creeping authoritarianism or totalitarian rule. The Center for Media at Risk hopes to bring together scholars and journalists to strategize about what can be done to resist it.

Jacquie Posey

In the News

The New York Times

The trouble with trucking

Steve Viscelli, a Robert and Penny Fox Family Pavilion Scholar Senior Fellow and a lecturer in the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and the Department of Sociology, was cited for his expertise in the trucking industry.


Philadelphia Inquirer

When a white woman from Old City wears a Black Lives Matter T-shirt in Cherry Hill

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education wrote a viral Facebook post about her experience wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt in public.


Bloomberg View

Trump loses a battle in his war on truth

The Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Kathleen Hall Jamieson said, of the status of truth in contemporary politics, that “checks and balances can still forestall or prevent unjustified action in domestic affairs (assuming that those in the Congress and the courts retain their respect for the knowable and known).”


The New York Times

Classical myths filtered through a modern prism

Emily Wilson of the School of Arts and Sciences reviewed Zachary Mason’s “Metamorphica” for The New York Times.


Philadelphia Inquirer

When Philadelphians just can’t get enough Fringe Fest here, they go to Scotland’s monster version

Rosemary Malague of the School of Arts and Sciences has taken groups of students to the Edinburgh Fringe festival for over 25 years. “It’s a tremendous learning opportunity for all of us – and we get to see some great shows,” said Malague.