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Exhibit catalog to peer inside fantastical mind of Penn artist

“Out, Out, Phosphene Candle” is one of The Sach’s Program for Arts Innovation 23 projects that received funding this spring. A collaboration between Paul Swenback, the building manager for the Institute of Contemporary Art, and Joy Feasley, the fantastical exhibit blends art, nature, and the occult at a gallery in Wisconsin, and in a forthcoming book on the exhibit.

Brandon Baker

The perks of being an intern

Obtaining internships as an undergraduate is chock-full of value. Students get a fast-tracked look into their chosen field, and, in most cases, learn early on what they like—and don’t like.

Lauren Hertzler

Stains Alive

For Libraries fellow Erin Connelly, stains are some of the most exciting discoveries in her study of medieval manuscripts. She is part of a national team analyzing stains in medieval texts using modern multispectral imaging. An exhibition at Van Pelt-Dietrich Library displays the researchers’ discoveries.

Louisa Shepard , Louisa Shepard

Hack4Impact: a global coding force for good

Students in Hack4Impact, a national student-led group that originated at Penn, spend volunteer hours developing web-based applications for social impact nonprofits around the country.

Penn Today Staff

Academic ‘boot camp’

A group of 13 active-duty service members and veterans took part in the Warrior-Scholar Project, which introduces enlisted personnel toward an undergraduate program at a top-tier institution with a weeklong academic program.

Jill DiSanto

The Democracy Project: Reversing a crisis of confidence

The Penn Biden Center, Freedom House, and the George W. Bush Institute reveal the findings of a national survey about democracy at home and abroad, which cites a crisis of public confidence in the functioning of U.S. democracy.

Carlyn Reichel

In the News

Philadelphia Inquirer

Truck traffic is clogging Center City streets. What’s Philly going to do about it?

The School of Design’s Erick Guerra discussed the issue of delivery trucks blocking major streets in Philadelphia. “One of the big first steps is closely analyzing and understanding the problem,” he said. “I’m not sure that’s quite been done yet.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

Nasdaq chief calls Philly a fertile place for tech to grow

President Amy Gutmann interviewed Nasdaq’s chief executive, Adena Friedman, at the annual Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia breakfast conclave. Friedman said that tech jobs “start with higher education.”


Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

MSIs are ‘turning student activism into votes’

A new report from the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions highlights schools’ efforts to encourage civic engagement. “Our research on MSIs demonstrates the power that these schools can have during an election and we hope that they use this information to empower their students to make it to the polls,” said Andrew Martínez, a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Education.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Apollo founder gives Wharton $50 million, school’s biggest gift

Marc J. Rowan and his wife, Carolyn, have given Wharton its largest gift since it opened in 1881. The donation will enable the school to add new faculty and fellows and will help fund the Penn Wharton Budget Model. President Amy Gutmann expressed “profound gratitude” to the couple; Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett said the gift will help “create leaders who will change the world.”


Philadelphia Inquirer

A UPenn conference shows where Democratic and GOP visions of global order could meet.

Joseph Biden, Susan Rice, H.R. McMaster and others participated in a colloquium at Perry World House last week. All emphasized the need to bridge internal divisions within the country.