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Cross-disciplinary collaboration for a healthier planet

The Environmental Innovations Initiative announces a third round of funded research communities to catalyze interdisciplinary research at Penn, investigating issues from regenerative agriculture to project-based learning for global climate justice.

Katherine Unger Baillie

A conversation on community with Wharton Women in Business

For Wharton MBA women, WWIB serves as a guide for confident future leaders. Madeline Donoghue, WWIB’s vice president of admissions, and Krishna Shah, WWIB’s co-president, discuss how the group fosters relationships and community.

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Educational inequities? Follow the numbers, says Ericka Weathers

The Penn GSE professor studies how policies that are supposed to be race-neutral, like school funding formulas, truancy policy, or special education, end up failing marginalized groups, and urges a look at the results of past policies to better inform moving forward.

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Big Think

The psychology of persuasion, as told by an Ivy League professor

Jonah Berger of the Wharton School shares three strategies for getting peers and target audiences to say “yes.”



Philanthropy is changing as individual donations decline

According to a Penn study, individual donations fell about 4.5 % during the pandemic, but the average amount of each gift surged more than 200%.



‘A lot quieter’ Black Friday brings out discount hunters

Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School says that consumers are more value conscious and are spending more conservatively.


The New York Times

Everybody knows Flo from Progressive. Who is Stephanie Courtney?

Cait Lamberton of the Wharton School says that familiarity with advertising content can overpower distaste, since complaining about something trivial can be a very comforting experience.


The Washington Post

Where in America are we actually building new housing?

An analysis by Joseph Gyourko of the Wharton School evaluated how much zoning and related restrictions added to the cost of a typical quarter-acre lot from 2013 to 2018, by metro region.