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Penn at SXSW

This is the third year the Penn Center for Innovation has led a group of University-affiliated startups to participate in South by Southwest’s innovative arm, SXSW Interactive.

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Higher ed as ‘hubs for common ground’

At the Wharton Global Forum in Shanghai, Penn President Amy Gutmann said high-quality higher education has the potential to transform lives, communities, and the world.

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Can Venezuela recover from its crisis?

Penn’s Dorothy Kronick discusses potential solutions to Venezuela’s deepening crisis, and asks whether sanctions are a good strategy.

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The future of learning is digital

Penn GSE’s Yasmin Kafai, a learning scientist who has designed tools and communities to promote coding, crafting, and creativity, believes we need to change how we think about teaching and learning, while making sure every child has a chance to develop these vital skills.

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An old-school green deal

A major public lands package passed the U.S. Senate Feb. 12 with massive bipartisan support and is expected to pass the House later this month. Cary Coglianese shares insights into the bill’s contents—which entail the largest expansion of wilderness area in a decade.

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In the News

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Apple’s watch is smarter, but my Casio keeps getting the job done

Commenting on the Apple Watch and the Casio, Daniel A. Levinthal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said, “Given a choice, most companies would rather be in the position of Apple, which has been innovating and successfully developing new products and bringing them to market and getting consumers to buy them than in the position of Casio, which has been much less successful at that, even if it is selling some fine products.”


Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Penn’s Grad School of Education cultivates a pipeline

To prepare teachers and educators for diverse environments, the Graduate School of Education is building pipelines for future students. “Penn’s location in the heart of West Philadelphia [presents] a great opportunity to think about what a graduate school of education could do in the context of an urban area,” said Dean Pam Grossman.


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Without bees, we are in trouble

Marvin Lazerson of the Graduate School of Education wrote about the importance of bees to the ecosystem. “Efforts like the Save the Bees movement have shown promise in bringing people together in pursuit of common goals,” he said.



CEOs spurn investor-first model. Now critics ask ‘what’s next?’

Larry Hamermesh of the Law School rebutted claims that companies are legally required to prioritize shareholder returns. “The most frustrating thing I ever hear is when someone says that a board of directors can’t do things that are attuned to sustainability under the current legal system,” he said. “They can. There is nothing in the law that precludes this.”


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Welcome to the promoconomy

Joseph Turow of the Annenberg School for Communication and David Bell of the Wharton School spoke about the use of retail promotions to acquire customer data.