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Students from Seven Universities Gather at Penn for Political Dialogue

In what was characterized as a path-breaking experiment at the University of Pennsylvania, nearly 100 students from seven universities came to discuss politics with each other, despite their differing perspectives.In groups of 10, they tackled tough questions posed by Penn faculty during the two-hour event, “Can We Talk? Political Dialogue in Donald Trump’s America.”

Louisa Shepard

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Chronicle of Higher Education

How Serious Are You About Diversity Hiring?

The Graduate School of Education’s Marybeth Gasman discussed the disconnect between universities’ messaging on diversity and the realities of their hiring practices and treatment of faculty of color.


Philadelphia Inquirer

South Street Curfew Criminalizes Normal Youth Behavior

Lelabari Giwa of the Law School weighed in on a South Street corridor curfew, which she believes “unfairly targets and disparately impacts young people of color from poor families.”


The New York Times

AT&T-Time Warner Ruling Shows a Need to Reboot Antitrust Laws

PIK Professor Herbert Hovenkamp expressed discomfort with setbacks to antitrust law in the wake of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner.


Associated Press

Vaping Essays: E-Cigarette Sellers Offering Scholarships

The Wharton School’s Ron Berman said of the vaping industry’s scholarship efforts, “This is almost a backdoor way to get your name on a university website, and from the point of view of the student it would look like the university is supporting this effort.”


The Washington Post

What a Howard Schultz Presidential Campaign Could Mean for the Starbucks Brand

Americus Reed of the Wharton School commented on the risks of building values like diversity into a company’s branding, noting that companies like Starbucks can be held to a higher standard than those that market themselves differently.