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The history-making Law dean’s eight dynamic years

During his tenure, Penn Carey Law School Dean Ted Ruger closed the largest gift ever to a law school, revitalized the faculty and the curriculum, and handled the pandemic masterfully.

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The risky business of homeowners insurance

State Farm, the largest insurer in California, has stopped writing new home insurance policies there, citing “rapidly growing catastrophe exposure.” In a Q&A, Wharton’s Benjamin Keys discusses climate change and its risk to the real estate market.

Kristina García

How banks could protect themselves from runs

The 2023 banking crisis brought into sharp focus the downsides of rising interest rates and uninsured deposits. New research co-authored by Wharton’s Itamar Drechsler offers banks a way to manage those risks.

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Fair use in visual arts

Penn Carey Law’s Cynthia Dahl weighs in on the SCOTUS decision regarding Andy Warhol and fair use in art.

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Economic Times

Brands like Burger King and Coke use scholarships to capture Gen Z’s attention

Cait Lamberton of the Wharton School says that consumers increasingly expect corporations to pick up pieces of the student debt crisis where other social services are failing.


Oregon Capital Chronicle

Private equity investment in Oregon behavioral health lags national average, study finds

A study co-authored by Marissa King of the Wharton School finds that private equity firms now own as much as a quarter of behavioral health practices in some states, though ownership in Oregon is lower than the national average.


The Wall Street Journal

The downside of delayed gratification

A study co-authored by Jonah Berger of the Wharton School suggests that spirals of delayed gratification can take a toll on emotional, physical, and financial well-being.


Financial Times

AI is already changing management — companies must decide how

In an opinion essay, Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School says that managers need to start shaping how artificial intelligence will be used in the workplace.


Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly narcotics cops secretly used surveillance cameras. Video proved some of their testimony false

Sandra Mayson of Penn Carey Law says that chaos in scheduling court dates obscures intentional no-shows by police officers.