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Hong Kong handover, 25 years later

Hong Kong marks 25 years under Chinese control on July 1. Jacques deLisle, director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China, discusses where Hong Kong stands now and what the future might hold.

Kristen de Groot

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The Washington Post

U.S. owners of Italian team chose basketball over soccer

The Wharton School’s Connor Barwin and fellow MBA students are investing in Italian soccer team Pallacanestro Trieste to get an early stake in the European basketball trend.


Philadelphia Inquirer

This Philly-area elementary school saw test scores plummet. Now it’s putting all its resources toward catching up.

Nicole Carl of the Graduate School of Education says that teachers are feeling pressure from administrators to boost test scores.



Lots of sound and fury on U.S. debt, but not a crisis — yet

Kent Smetters of the Wharton School explains what the government would need to do to stabilize debt near current levels.


ANI News (India)

University of Pennsylvania pledges to bolster relations with India at "Penn India Engagement Forum"

PIK Professor Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Dean Erika H. James of the Wharton School, and Dean Vijay Kumar of the School of Engineering and Applied Science are quoted on the forum to support India's exceptional growth and specific health care needs.


Los Angeles Times

What Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of Black officers says about race in policing

A 2021 analysis co-authored by Dean Knox of the Wharton School found that Black, Hispanic, and female police officers make fewer stops and arrests and use force less often.