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Is ‘Democracy in Trouble?’

“Democracy in Trouble?” is the focus of a year’s worth of programming at the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy. Its 2018-19 Speaker Series examines and counters trends regarding the ongoing threats to democracy in the United States and around the world.

Jill DiSanto

The auto bailout 10 years later: Was it the right call?

Wharton's John Paul MacDuffie discusses the GM and Chrysler $80 billion bailouts in 2009, and whether the consequences of the free market or the government should have determined the future of a failing company with 3 million of jobs at risk.

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Returning to Vietnam

A child of Vietnamese refugees, David Thai has returned to his family’s homeland as a Fulbright Scholar, where he will teach English at the Hoang Le Kha High School for Gifted Students, in the southwestern region of Vietnam, a few hours from where his mother grew up.

Jill DiSanto

How the Great Recession changed American workers

Wharton experts argue that the fallout from the Great Recession of 2008 persists today. Fewer home owners, increasing retirement age, and lingering debt, plus a debate about the true cause of the financial meltdown continues one decade later.

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How the U.S. rental market is increasing inequality

Wharton's Benjamin Keys, Zillow's Aaron Terrazas and the Brookings Institution's Jenny Schuetz explain how an increase in the number of luxury rentals on the market means declining high-end rents, while affordable rent for the working class continues to be a struggle.

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In the News

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Trump-friendly Newsmax bundled into Comcast’s Xfinity service

The Annenberg School for Communication’s Victor Pickard discussed conservative news channel Newsmax and its recent deal with Comcast. If Comcast is “feeling the heat from the right, it will make sense to appease some of those critics,” said Pickard.


Boston Globe

Boxes, pouches, cartons, and envelopes — oh my!

Eric Orts of the Wharton School spoke about the environmental impact of packaging waste. “Lots of it will still go into a landfill, for no really good reason,” said Orts. “If you look at something like the distribution system of Amazon, it doesn’t seem that hard to shift this.”



What can a personality test tell us about who we are?

Adam Grant of the Wharton School spoke about his concerns with the Myers-Briggs test, when used by companies to make staffing decisions. “It’s a great way to weed out diversity,” Grant said.


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California eyes risk pool as it struggles with costly fires

The Wharton School’s Carolyn Kousky said California is at such high risk for wildfire that even risk pools and catastrophe bonds don’t appeal to investors.



Lyft’s tumbling stock is a worrying sign for other unicorns

When prices for Lyft’s stocks dropped on its second day of trading, the Wharton School’s David Erickson “was surprised that it blew through the IPO price so quickly. While there was a lot of enthusiasm on Friday, it’s obviously been dampened today, and it’s hard to recreate that moment once you lose it.”