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‘The Prepared Leader’: Erika James and Lynn Perry Wooten

Wharton Dean Erika James and Simmons University President Lynn Perry Wooten discuss their new book, 'The Prepared Leader,' and how they found the motivation and the staying power during the pandemic to write it.

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Why livestream commerce is on the rise

Wharton’s Tom Robertson explains livestream commerce, one of the hottest trends in digital sales. There are great benefits to using the medium, but only if retailers can get it right.

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Bail reform and public safety

A Quattrone Center study has found that misdemeanor bail reforms in Harris County, Texas have had a positive impact on public safety.

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Who is falling for fake news?

New research from Wharton’s Ken Moon and Senthil Veeraraghavan recommends a data-driven solution for social media platforms to deal with fake news.

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Penn GSE makes math meaningful for West Philly kids

The Responsive Math Teaching project, currently funded by the National Science, has kids in West Philly schools engaging in the work, rather than passively completing it, through summer “math festivals.”

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ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners

Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School says that the current automation threat is to the highest-earning, most creative jobs that require the most education background.


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How and when to remove children from their homes? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions

PIK Professor Dorothy Roberts explains why the child welfare system can be particularly risky for Black and Indigenous families.


The Washington Post

We ordered over $100 of delivery. Here’s how much the restaurants, drivers and apps made

Lindsey Cameron of the Wharton School says that, when it comes to information on fees, the opacity of food delivery apps is a deliberate feature, not a bug.


The Wall Street Journal

Why you should dictate your search, not type it

A study by Shiri Melumad of the Wharton School finds that dictating online search queries using voice technology leads to better results than typing them.


The ticking time bomb in America’s downtowns

Susan Wachter of the Wharton School says that banks are notoriously bad owners for making real estate decisions, since they’re not entrepreneurs and aren’t in a position to actively manage buildings.