Message to the Penn community about the Summer Session

We are grateful to all of you for your hard work and creativity in resuming classes—and for your patience in navigating the many unwanted disruptions to our semester. We are writing now to let you know that our current remote learning plan will extend to all credit-bearing courses scheduled to begin on May 26, including both Summer Session I and the 11-week Summer Session. This decision, while not taken lightly, arises from the indefinite stay-at-home order in Philadelphia and the need to resume campus activities only when it is considered safe do so.

The summer sessions will offer remotely many of the courses scheduled for on-campus instruction. The roster of credit-bearing summer session courses is always subject to change, as it is based on enrollments and available instructors. Undergraduates, please check Penn in Touch for updated summer course information. Graduate and professional students, please consult your Schools and programs. We expect both summer sessions to begin as planned on May 26 and end as planned on July 1 (Summer Session I) and August 7 (11-week Summer Session).

Our work of teaching, learning, and research at Penn will carry on, as we together face this ongoing global crisis. We greatly appreciate the partnership of every member of the Penn community, and we will continue to update you as the situation moves forward. 


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