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The future of learning is digital

Penn GSE’s Yasmin Kafai, a learning scientist who has designed tools and communities to promote coding, crafting, and creativity, believes we need to change how we think about teaching and learning, while making sure every child has a chance to develop these vital skills.

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College opportunity at risk: A Penn GSE report on 50 states

A new report by Professor Joni Finney finds the U.S. is “woefully unprepared” to meet 21st-century workforce challenges, and all states must make significant changes in their approach higher education. The College Opportunity Risk Assessment is the first state-by-state analytic tool to compare the risks to higher education.

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How Higher Ed Leaders Can Generate Productive Conversations Around Race

Howard C. Stevenson of the Graduate School of Education proposed implementing “racial sensitivity training” for staff and faculty at institutions of higher learning in order to better support students of color.


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'Nine Great Philadelphians': Kenney Picks His New School Board

Mayor Jim Kenney has selected a nine-member board of diverse constituents, including teachers, parents, and social workers. The new board includes five Penn alumni and an adjunct teacher.