Education Policy

How to encourage student attendance

From Penn GSE’s Educator’s Playbook, Michael Gottfried highlights approaches that schools and teachers can take to address absenteeism by identifying root causes and creating a supportive environment for all students.

From Penn GSE

A legacy of leadership

Dean Pam Grossman has guided Penn’s Graduate School of Education through a capital campaign, a global pandemic, a historic building expansion, and unprecedented growth with ambition and compassion.

From Penn GSE

Educational inequities? Follow the numbers, says Ericka Weathers

The Penn GSE professor studies how policies that are supposed to be race-neutral, like school funding formulas, truancy policy, or special education, end up failing marginalized groups, and urges a look at the results of past policies to better inform moving forward.

From Penn GSE

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Philadelphia Inquirer

A plan to overhaul Pa.’s higher education landscape is a long time coming, but questions remain

Joni E. Finney of the Graduate School of Education says that Gov. Josh Shapiro’s efforts to tackle higher education reform in Pennsylvania are an accomplishment but fail to address the problem with Penn State’s Commonwealth campuses.


The Hill

College enrollment could take a big hit in 2025. Here’s why

Peter Eckel of the Graduate School of Education says that demographics is destiny when it comes to the future decline in the traditional college-age population.


Fast Company

Controversial PragerU videos are catching on in a handful of states

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education says that PragerU videos are highly inaccurate and shouldn’t be incorporated into schools’ curricula or embraced by school districts.


Associated Press

College students are still struggling with basic math. Professors blame the pandemic

Dean Katharine Strunk of the Graduate School of Education says that math issues are most pronounced among Black, Latino, low-income, and other vulnerable students, as with many learning setbacks.


The Washington Post

In some schools, dread over the new year: ‘We’re scared to teach’

Jonathan Zimmerman of the Graduate School of Education says that the ambiguity of bans on teaching topics creates more anxiety among educators.


USA Today

Summer school may be back in vogue as college students work toward early graduation

Robert Zemsky of the Graduate School of Education is co-leading a three-year bachelor’s degree project.