Howard Stevenson teaches racial rapport 101

Since 1990, Howard Stevenson has been conducting research on racial socialization and interventions, and teaching racial literacy as a professor in the Graduate School of Education

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Listening to the needs of Black male teachers

In researching his forthcoming book, Ed Brockenbrough revealed Black male teachers have a strong sense of responsibility to students, and they feel uniquely alone in that challenge.

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Q&A with Howard Stevenson

For some people, experiencing a racial encounter can be so stressful that it’s as if they are facing a tsunami or a venomous snake. The episodes can be as minute as an inadvertent microaggression, or as malignant as being pelted with rocks and called the N-word.

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. waived the basic skills requirement for educators. Will it work to attract more teachers?

Dean Pam Grossman and Richard Ingersoll of the Graduate School of Education speak on the potential drawbacks of waiving basic skills tests for teacher preparation programs.


WHYY (Philadelphia)

Central Bucks West tells teachers not to use students’ preferred names and pronouns without parent approval

Patrick Sexton of the Graduate School of Education says that procedures like the new guidelines in a suburban school district can disconnect students from their academics and from a necessary system of support.


Scientific American

A cure for vaccine hesitancy could start in kindergarten

In a Q&A, PIK Professor Dolores Albarracín discusses a report in which she calls for K-12 education to depoliticize health issues, promote health equity and disease prevention, and provide information about navigating the health care system.


Philadelphia Magazine

How do we teach history in America today?

Abby Reisman and Ismael Jimenez of the Graduate School of Education join a team of Philadelphia educators to discuss American history, equity and inclusion, critical race theory, and other educational issues of 2022.


Inside Higher Ed

Woody Allen and Academic Freedom

Valerie Ross of the Critical Writing Program weighs in on the tricky relationship between studying problematic public figures and recent calls for accountability from the #metoo and Time’s Up movements.